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2743 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA, 94612

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Storage Customer Reviews


1 year ago
Everybody here is very nice and it is a very secure location!! Would recommend!! Natnael Embaye is the manager who i have always delt with. He is very nice and helpful. This is my third storage unit their now. Still very happy!!

Hanna Haile

1 year ago
Nate was very helpful, i get to the store around closing time, but he waited for me to finish moving my staff in the unit.

Ernest Aguilar

2 years ago
Good service, clean, they have large carts to take your stuff in which is faster for both the customers and management. Very well run

judah moyer

2 years ago
We didn't go with this storage unit today due to no parking and we have babies but we would have done it because natnael was so sweet and kind. He truly helped us with everything and we recommend the facility's because of the staff

Merril Shin

3 years ago
Excellent pricing supported by an even more excellent customer service experience - Natnael and Yonas were great! Move-in was very easy, and Natnael was extremely helpful and clear in his communications. Was dreading having to deal with storing my stuff, but the great customer service made the experience easy and even pleasant!

Erika L

3 years ago
The staff are very professional and friendly, and they work hard to provide excellent customer service! Yonas is one of the most decent folks I've ever met, and Neal is also very kind and helpful. John has been there for a long time, so he knows the place inside and out and can help where ever it's needed. They keep the old building clean, and moving/access is easy because there's a huge industrial elevator in addition to stairs. The hours are decent too. I've always felt my storage is actually safer in this old, simple building than at some fancy-shmancy facility that costs so much more.


3 years ago
Great people. Good service. Storage is secure.

Rebecca Chen

2 years ago
Sue (OMG hope I spelled right) is amazing! A call gets everything done.

Katie Johnson

3 years ago
The employees at Storage Mart were extremely kind and helpful. The prices are the best in town-by a LOT. What more could you ask for? I love it. I was in need of storage space very suddenly. The assistant manager found my a safe unit very quickly and helped me with my things. When comparing prices to other storage facilities, these guys were the cheapest and the kindest. I have already recommended this place to several friends. Originally I was only renting for the summer, but with a service like this, Ill be using my unit all year round. Thank you Storage Mart!

Maria-Laura Mancianti Mancianti

2 years ago
When I arrived at StorageMart on San Pablo Ave. in Oakland, I was very stressed out. My waterheater had given in and flooded my (and my neighbor) apartment and I was in a rush to find a decent storage place, a mover and a plumber. Yonas was alone and very busy, trying to satisfy the needs of all the costumers, some of which were quite difficult. While waiting my turn, I got to appreciate very much Yonas professional behavior, particularly his respectful, calm and helpful demeanor towards everybody, in spite of the fact that he had no help and had to deal with a few frustrating costumers (including me!). When my turn came, he was very helpful and patient, and was able to find for me the best deal available. I really appreciated his help and kindness throughout our interaction. Thank you Yonas.

Yesenia Alvarez

1 year ago
The service at this location is great! The associate I interacted with was very helpful in guiding me to my unit and even helping me find one that was more appropriate for the space I needed. The storage unit is well-kept and I had no issues entering or making use of the elevators and carts. Overall a good value.

Rita Wainess

7 months ago
Just started using the unit, but I have been very satisfied with the customer service at the place! Both over the ohone and in person. The employee showed me to the unit, swept it for me, and made sure everything was good. Units are eaily accessible, and not much traffick on the elevator. Thank you!

Scooter Jenkins

5 months ago
If your a Veteran ..ya get your first month free. Check em out for the troops on the move. I'm bugging out to Palm Springs!!


3 months ago
I love the customer service. I was able to get a unit for a great price.

Waterfall Ch?n

2 months ago
Jared was extremely helpful and happily supplied all details of the options available in my affordable price range


3 years ago
Natnael was extremely kind and the move-in process was quick and easy!

Tammy D

2 years ago
I rented storage here once before and the price cant be beat. so Im back once again. The area may be sketchy but I never had a problem in the area or with my storage. Yunos was great very helpful

Nicole Haynes

1 year ago
It was quick and professional. The worker who helped me wasn't worried about selling me the biggest, most expensive storage unit. Instead, he was asking me about what I was storing and if I was a student (which I am), so he could recommend the best one for me. Only bad thing I can say is that its in a rough part of town, but as long as you are there in the day, its not too bad.

Mack Steezy

5 months ago
First time they showed me around there was a dead rat on the floor. So the traps they have all over don't really keep them in. Out of the three times I've been there, there was nothing else to witness. The set up was easy and quick, I was done locking everything in within two hours. Despite them not having enough carts and of course parking is, parking in Bay area. Every time I came to my storage unit, there was a lady hanging out, lounging around relaxing. Had to wait for her to put her stuff away to do my thing there. It was a little annoying.

Ally Kendall

9 months ago
The staff here is incredible friendly and helpful (for the most part). The units are cheap, but be prepared for them to raise the prices on you more than once. Parking is a nightmare, especially on the weekends because the hours are so short that anyone who keeps normal office hours can only go on Saturday or Sunday. The biggest problem, though, is the rodent infestation. I can't really estimate how much of my stuff has been ruined by being chewed through by mice or just covered by their urine or feces, and the contract states that StorageMart isn't liable for any damages caused by rodents. I don't even know if the stuff in the back of my unit has been affected yet because I have to sort through everything going from front to back to triage what I can save and the space to load and unload your unit is so small. All in all, it's the cheapest for a reason. If you rent here, store your belongings in plastic tubs, not cardboard boxes, and *maybe* you'll be safe.

Sarah burnett

1 year ago
This place needs to be condemned. It's filthy you can smell the rodent urine through the building. They don't even bother to remove the rat droppings from the carpeted hallways. The place is infested with mice and rats. I took lots of pictures to send to their corporate office. Some of the droppings I saw were huge almost cat size. That's one rat I don't want to run across. The rats get nice and fat eating all the furniture and clothing they can get to. It's a disgusting dump.

Caitlin Fenno

3 years ago
All of my items stored here were completely covered in rat feces/urine after 2 months. A few of my new pieces of furniture now have significant bite marks from rats. I had no food in my storage unit. I've tried to contact the manager multiple times with no response in person or by phone. The employees are nice but I would not recommend this place to anyone because of the rat issue. Even though the units are pretty cheap it's not worth it with the amount of cleaning I had to do after moving my stuff out. I'm surprised no other reviewers have mentioned any of this!

Alexis Jackson

2 months ago
Do not rent at this storage place, I wasnt aware of all the traffic that runs in and out, some of the people sleep inside of there storage unit doing business hours. Homeless people take wash ups and sleep inside of the bathroom.. every time I came to the storage place its always trash and clothing directly in front of the drive away. This place has rats very very bad.. I just recently moved all of my things out 5/24/2018 and Im so pissed a lot of my things got destroyed. The rats got into all of my things, it was rat poop on everything. Holes in all of my bags.. Them damn rats ate all of my stuff. Management said my insurance dont cover rats. But I was never told about the bad rat issues.. I wish I could post pictures up so yall could see all of what Im saying is true. Now my new house has rats in it.. PLEASE DO NOT RENT HERE.. This place is nasty and management dont care.. they just want your money but they want tell you about there bad ass rat problem my storage unit was $300 month.. Not cheap at all.. and customer shouldnt have to deal with this at all. Once again DO NOT RENT AT THIS LOCATION 2743 San Pablo Ave Oakland, Ca 94612
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Michal W.

1 year ago
All of the staff were professional, courteous, and helpful but Nate was especially accommodating and worked with us on price and timing. Right after moving...

Nelsi H.

1 year ago
This review is to thank the manager, Natnael, who was attentive and quite professional. Also, another employee (sorry I didn't get his name) who kindly...

Shannon W.

1 year ago
Natnael was literally the most helpful person. Made the whole process so easy. In kind of a sketch neighborhood (got cat called the minute I got out of my...

Meeshall M.

1 year ago
Nate ( i believe he said was his name), is awesome! he saw that i had paid for more insurance coverage than i needed. also i reserved online and when i got...

kt b.

3 years ago
I really enjoy using the StorageMart on San Pablo. They have very convenient elevators and 4 wheel carts that honestly make having an upstairs unit just as...

Aaron Z.

8 months ago
Been with this Storage Mart for years and I've now come to the end of rope. *The place is always a mad house with not enough stairs for people w/ storage...

Maryamoo T.

2 months ago
__THIS IS A HOMELESS SHELTER!!!! This place is not what it claims to be! Safe and Clean??? Not even close!!! I moved my belongings here to unit 3221 about...

Christopher V.

6 months ago
Renter beware. if you are homeless and need super cheap small rental month-to-month space this can be a good solution; but for anyone else prepare to get...

Rene S.

2 weeks ago
This is why I start getting "anger shakes" when ever anyone happens to mention the name STORAGE MART: approximately three months ago, I met this couple down...
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