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21st and R Self Storage

1800 21st Street #102, Sacramento, CA, 95811

Office Hours Now Closed
  • MON - FRI8am - 6pm
  • SAT, SUN8am - 4pm
Gate Hours Now Closed
  • MON - FRI8am - 6pm
  • SAT, SUN8am - 4pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Erin Newbold

1 year ago
I've been storing here for years. Clean, safe, wonderful staff. I will always recommend this place to people.

Joanie MTskyblupk

4 years ago
My experience at the 21st& R Street Storage Pro facility has been an excellent one. The manager Henry and his staff, Andy & Monroe, all assisted me throughout the chore of moving & consolidating, all the while making it much more pleasant experience with their knowledgeable, kind and considerate ways. Every step of the way I was impressed with their customer service. I feel that my belongings will be safe & secure with this crew's attention to detail. Thanks so much!!! Performance: Fantastic!! When I needed more storage space to sort my belongings for consolidation, I was suggested ideas & accommodated on the same floor as well as provided with a generous deal on the cost. Between the drinking water, moving supplies and the overall terrific customer service, I will remain a customer for some time.

Patricia Williams

3 years ago
Storage Pro is an excellent storage facility! I have had a storage unit for 12 years and I am extremely pleased, not only with the facility and the security it provides but also with the very friendly, extremely helpful and accommodating staff. It's always a good thing to do business with people you genuinely like. Henry, Munroe, and Tim are the sweetest guys! If you're looking for the absolute best storage facility in Sacramento, [IMHO] 21st & R is the place. PAW

Richard Llamas

4 months ago
Great service and Staff and decent pricing on units Ideal for long-term storage needs! Not a "maze" of cubicle type lockers where you drive about looking for unit! I also rented a Public Mail Box (PMB) from the same location, very convenient! The huge Silo style heavy lift is a god-sent you can load as much s you dare and reduce the number of trips from your car, truck, van. I have rented here for about 2 years now and I have only 1 increase in rent for storage!

Nicol Davidson

1 year ago
This was a great place that I used for over two years. I always felt safe there and I liked that it wasn't an outdoor storage where people had access 24 hours a day. If I had any complaint at all, it would be that I came in when they were doing a special and got a screaming deal. Since then, I got another unit that was double the price because I had gotten it later (outside of promotion), but then every year I got an increase on my storage rate as well. All in all, it was a good experience and I paid a year in advance, so when it was time to get out of the storage business, they made it very easy for me to get the portion of unused rent back on the units. I would be happy to refer them to anyone, but I hope I don't have to get a storage unit any time soon!

Gina Hoppis

10 months ago
The best personal to deal with. Comparable prices for the area. Me and my daughter both have storage units there, and they were very willing to work with us on a deal.

Sheila Malone

1 year ago
Been with these guys at 21st & R for several years. Honestly, they all are the NICEST crew...very professional and the facility is kept very clean and updated. I highly recommend them!

Jennifer Foxley

5 years ago
The staff is SUPER friendly here and willing to accommodate your needs the best way possible. The facilities are indoor with a large freight elevator- and it can hold A LOT. The freight elevator definitely makes the experience unique, and the staff shows how it is operated. There are big rolling carts for moving your things from parking lot to your storage space- which may be located on one of several floors. The facility is centrally located downtown with a large parking lot area and ramp. Next door, you can drop off old computers, tv's, etc for recycling- which I have found to be convenient on several occasions. The hours are typical business hours, so you have to keep that in mind: it is not open 24/7. The facility is located in my neighborhood- which makes it especially convenient and ideal for me.

Luke Khan

9 months ago
Kinda pricey, the hours suck & not very comforting when it comes to security.
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Nicol D.

1 year ago
This was a great place that I used for over two years. I always felt safe there and I liked that it wasn't an outdoor storage where people had access 24...
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  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour Cameras
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