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Michigan Avenue Self Storage

2580 Michigan Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34744

Storage Customer Reviews

Ruby Giraldo

2 years ago

Jané Wolagiewicz

1 year ago
I rent from this place around three years ago because it was right around the corner from my house which was very convenient. Unfortunately everything was disorganized it was hard to get around they were broken down cars all over the place . It just seemed very run down so I found a new place which was way out of my way. A friend of mine's still rented there because he didn't want the extra cost of driving across town to rent somewhere else. About a year ago things started to turn around and my friend said the place was getting cleaned up. So I stop by just to see if things were. There was a very nice lady there I can't remember her name all I know is it started with an e Ellen something like that not sure, but she was very nice she let me look around the property and I had to say things look pretty good. So I ended up moving back because you can't beat the convenience. There are no more broken down cars everywhere no trash or laying around everything looks really nice an organized much better than it used to be. I did have a little hiccup with a price increase which came out of nowhere I wasn't happy about it but when I talked to the lady she explained that it was a tax increase. And I looked it up I'm sure enough there was a tax increase and their prices did not change she just had to collect the extra tax that the government wanted. I can't blame her for that so overall and last year I had an excellent experience and I will continue renting from here. Thanks for cleaning it up because it really saves me a lot of money to go just around the corner.


1 year ago
Super clean storage facility. Great staff with great attitude & very helpful. I used them on several occasions & have never had any issues. I highly recommend them.

VishalAshma Mathur

1 year ago
Great place to store items while in transition or long term. Clean well maintained facility, with generous space and great staff who excel at finding cost friendly solutions to your storage needs. Business friendly, they offer discounts to help business who may have surpluss inventory or have need for a safe place to keep merchandise.

Jim Price

1 year ago
Super clean facility... secure ... well maintained! Staff is easy to work with and very accommodating. So far .... has been a great experience! Oh yeah ... and the price was great too!

David Gutierrez

8 months ago
Great place Safe, Good Staff, Girls on front are awesome very helpful, clean facility, recommended...

Theresa Torres

3 months ago
Very clean the staff is great.

Charlie Shiner

1 year ago
The lady needs to be fired already

Josue Cardona

2 years ago
It was nice business before the current manager. Now she wants the tenants to only show up occasionally. Also she made a lot of other tenants move his vehicles out of the storage due "new business requirement". I had been with then more than a year and I had seen the change in the prices. Right now it turned into a place that doesn't promote business. I don't recommend this place.
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