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Orlando West Self Storage

5622 Old Winter Garden Rd, Orlando, FL 32811

Storage Customer Reviews

christopher sahad

3 years ago
This storage facility has great rates as well as great customer service. They were helpful throughout the entire process and made it easy. The facilty is safe and secure with keycodes for entering and exiting. Would definitly recommend this facility.

jorge luis

3 years ago
i will recommend this place best price

Jocimar Da Silva

1 year ago
The best prices.

Richard Slifkin

3 years ago
I am a real estate agent, and I stopped in to Orlando West Self Storage to get some information for a client. Storage Manager Tina was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. She provided me with all the information I needed. I have compared rates at several storage facilities and this location has some of the best rates around. I will highly recommend Orlando West Self Storage to my clients.

Paul Hodge

1 year ago
Mark is great and great security

Sharon Rahim

10 months ago
Quick delivery

Terri Kleef

8 months ago
The properties manager with pleasure were very nice and helpful.

Rickey Singh

6 months ago
Reasonable pricing and extremely helpful staff. Quick to resolve any issues that resolve.

Sierra R

1 year ago
I appreciate the hours, and what I paid for. The staff are more competent then I expected.

Sam Reden

6 months ago
Kept clean and decent


1 year ago
The staff is Excellent, very friendly and helpful, (thank you Tina) unfortunately the corporation is a bunch of GREEDY crooks. First : Storage Price was bait and switch, they will give you a good rate to begin, but then after a few months, when you have all you stuff there, price will go UP. of course you can always LEAVE. Second : they will FORCE YOU to pay for some 'insurance' done by an hard to find, fly by night company. Third : Beware of benig late, they will charge you a late fee, TWICE A MONTH. Fourth : You are late after day 5, They will put their padlock on you door, and block you entrance access code at day 6. I know... the rules. May be that they act like this because they are close to the worst neigbourhood with the highest criminality of Orlando... (PineHills)... so most of their customers... Just be aware of every little possibility you give them to get your money, THEY WILL GET IT... !

Yama Lee

2 years ago
BE CAREFUL! This people will STEAL MONEY from you if you pay in advance. And then refer you to an insurance company that does not even exist and, was never stated anywhere in the contract. Worst company I ever deal with. Worst customer service ever. WORST OF THE WORST.

Rocky Harrison

6 months ago
Never visited terrible service and don't go

Rocky Harrison 4074122687

6 months ago
No used is not good are still your money

Chawnte Williams

5 months ago
I moved to Florida from Kentucky with the hopes of great things in store for me and my childrens future and then we stored out things at this place and got ROBBED of almost everything we owned and it was literally our entire lives packed into this unit #1020. After our things were taken I went to the manager and was treated like I did something wrong! They questioned me as if I lied about what happened. The police came to take the report and the lady Tammy who works there told the cop this is between you and her we cant do anything she acted as if this whole thing irritated her which makes me believe she either knew the person who stole my stuff or she was involved, especially since she lives above the office. She told me she had checked the cameras and didnt see anything and also said she had walked her dog the day it all happened but she didnt see anything. I contacted the insurance company they use and was told they only cover up to $2000 and Id have to pay a $100 deductible for each item which is a huge joke to me. Then to add insult to injury these people have harassed me to pay the rent on the storage (that was burglarized mind you) and they refuse to allow me to get my remaining items without paying them for rent. So now Im having to get an attorney to try and resolve this. RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!
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Kristin J.

4 years ago
Front desk lady was great. Very friendly and helpful. Unit is clean and spacious I picked the 10 x 10 it fits everything from my 1 bedroom apt comfortably....

Chawnte W.

5 months ago
I moved to Florida from Kentucky with the hopes of great things in store for me and my children's future and then we stored out things at this place and got...
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