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Keylock Storage

450 S Maple Grove Rd, Boise, ID, 83709

Office Hours Now Closed
  • MON - SAT9am - 6pm
  • SUNClosed
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  • DailyOpen 24h

Storage Customer Reviews

Justin W

1 year ago
Affordable Storage is just plain awesome. They really care about their customers and keep the facility looking good.

Roc Pilon

1 year ago
Great facility! Friendly customer service.

David Hoelscher

1 year ago
Great staff, competitive prices and clean, secure grounds. Will definitely check with them if I'm in meed of another storage unit.

Mary Webb

1 year ago
Had a terrible time logging into my account. Jennifer was awesome in getting to the right people to resolve my problem. She deserves a high five.

Barrow Windermere

10 months ago
The rates are lower than others around and it's a secure facility. The manager was kind and helpful. I thought they had great customer service.

teddy wilson

9 months ago
Great customer service. I would rent there again.

David Ackerschott

8 months ago
Respond First Aid Systems appreciate this safe Storage facility. Clean and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

Bluesterman Nunya

7 months ago
My experience at Keylock Storage on Maple Grove was great! Any question I had got answered, my slightly unique circumstance was understood and accommodated and the price I paid for the unit I had was fantastic. My goods were in an 18x10 unit and were undisturbed and undamaged during the 3+ months they lived at Keylock. The photo is of my goods in my unit after the great guys from CaseBoise loaded them in back in August. A shout out to them and to Angel and Brenda @ Keylock. The Bluesterman

Bret & Laurie Silver

6 months ago
Really nice and clean facility! I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. Brenda was very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

Tom Cox

5 months ago
When I visited the Maple Grove office, I noticed the outside was clean and there was plenty of parking. The units seemed to be in good shape as well. When I went inside, I noticed that it was clean and neat. Brenda greeted me with a smile. She answered my questions about unit size, pricing, and insurance. She has a thorough knowledge of her job! Although I did not rent from Keylock Storage, I will recommend it to my friends.

Sybil Cox

4 months ago
I found my experience investigating the possibility of using Keylock Storage very informative. I was explained the conditions of the rental contract and the billing procedures. Brenda also clearly explained about how the late fees were assessed and the consequences for me. Brenda was pleasant and made it easy to ask questions and was never intimidating when explaining the regulations for Keylock Storage.

Mike Perry

4 months ago
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Thank you for the great service Alesha.

Scott Browne

2 months ago
I called around to several facilities today. KeyLock is very price competitive with the added benefit of an imaculate facility. The lobby was clean and welcoming and Alicia was friendly and efficient. Great experience so far. Highly recommend.

Aj Osborne

2 months ago
The office looks amazing and the staff were great. Glade I choose this place and would recommend it to anyone!

mike barrett

1 year ago
24 hr access. Decent prices

Sylvia Wilson

1 year ago
They did send out letters re the increase. Yes it more than doubled; it was about a 55% increase. I was in the slower-than-intended-process of moving out of a more expensive place that keeps raising it's rates. Now "Affordable" is more expensive. It's still a bit cheaper than where my husband's storage is though. It is expensive to move to another; that's what they're counting on. I needed to deal with my stuff anyway so it is good incentive to get a movin'! I'm not moving the remainder of my things over to "Not Affordable" though; they're cheaper where they are.

Robbi Trottier

1 year ago
I just received letter telling me my unit rate would raise from an "affordable" $75 a month to more than double "unaffordable" $166 a month. I am disable and have to find a place to move my things in this freezing snowy weather. Beware, this is neither affordable or convenient. 1/04/2017

Jennifer Stover

1 year ago
We never received a notice stating our storage unit payment was going to be increased by 66.00. It was just automatically deleted from our checking account. We inquired about the payment today and they informed us of the increase. (Apparently the facility was sold). We are not staying! We have called other facilities in the area and for the same size, they are considerably cheaper. The grounds are NOT maintained. They haven't plowed or put ice melt down and as of last weekend, there is still inches of packed ice all around the units and on the roadway. It would be very difficult to even get to your unit if you were in a little car. My advice would be stay away of this place.

CourtneyBGoff Dani

7 months ago
When signing up had a great experience with Brenda and units are really nice. qualified for first month free and ended up being charged for a full month which over drew my account. Instead of being an ethical business and recognizing their actions and what it had caused we have had a run around for a month with no resolution. Showed bank statements showing over drafts fees and still nothing. When speaking to representatives on the phone they were rude and snappy. This has by far been the worst company I have dealt with and would never recommend them.

Richard Harwood

7 months ago
When I came back for my items I made sure to give 2 weeks notice that I was leaving the unit. When i picked up my items there was a mouse nest in one paintings. Which haf been eaten. They called me 4 days after I removed my items to tell me I needed to sweep. I still had 4 days left on my notice. Then when I went back to the unit with 2 days left the attendant drove out to the unit and back to tell me to go back to the unit and resweep. It was 26 degrees outside!! Angle, the attendant at the desk then drove back to the office while I walked back. She then left me waiting at the desk for more then 10 minutes while she typed up who knows what. There needs to be a faster more customer friendly way to treat your customers. I am ashamed to have done business with this company.


2 months ago
Before Keylock took over the place it was really great! But when they came the first thing they did was jacked up the prices and unbelievable huge amount. Then in just a few months they jacked them up again. I could see how they were going to run the place so I got the hell out ASAP! There is nothing special about Keylock that you can't get from other storage places for less money. I would not recommend Keylock to my most hated enemies. Do your self a huge favor and drive on by these money gouging bastards.

Courtney goff

2 months ago
Awful. Charged me for first month free , will not pay me back and sent me a letter six months after stating I won the worst lottery ever . Rent was raised 60 $ out of nowhere! Still havent been paid back! Now suing.

Bob Anderson

1 week ago
The first thing they did was doubled the prices on all the locker. Not a good start. I would definitely look around before going to ANY of the keylock storage places. They are not climate controlled so thing melt in the heat and freeze solid in the winter. They have very poor lighting so take a bright light if planning on seeing anything you have stored there. Other than that, They are like all the rest. They don't do anything noticeable what so ever. I recommend that nobody rent from them.
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Storage Facility Amenities10 Amenities

  • 24 Hour Access
  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Drive-up Access
  • Gated Entry
  • Indoor Vehicle Storage
  • Interior Hallway
  • On-site Management
  • Online Bill Pay
  • RV, Car, Boat

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