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Manhattan Mini Storage

420 East 62nd Street, New York, NY, 10065

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Storage Customer Reviews

A Google User

1 year ago
ALEX SAVED MY LIFE! well, day.. But I was having such an awful day and he completely turned it around. Not just fluffing his feathers here but he really did! I came in half way through my melt down. Moving day had me IN TEARS and he was super patient and helpful. He got me a couple of cold waters and it might as well had been a therapy sesh. He made me laugh and kept everything simple for me in my time of utter chaos. Alex took his time explaining everything to me and didn't miss a beat.They say the person at the front desk represents your company. Who ever stuck him up there knew what was up. :)

Lara Maltezinho

1 year ago
It's an easy to access storage, with friendly staff and fair prices.

Eve Luppino

1 year ago
Convenient, well knowledges customer service team, clean facilities, always open, fantastic perks!

Daisy McCloud

2 years ago
Best storage facility! Oh MMS, what would I do without you?! 24 hour access. Free coffee during the day. Friendly and helpful staff. A million times better than Uhaul storage..

Evelina Grezak

1 year ago

Robert Rosen

1 year ago
Alex did a fantastic job setting up a new lease, explaining the various options, and showed flexibility in selecting the best space. A pleasure to work with!

Robin Gannes

1 year ago

Vivian Lee

1 year ago
Amazing amazing service!

Dana Jeffers

1 year ago
The storage taxi has lots of room, was very clean and arrived as promised. Our driver - Alexander - was super nice!

Alexandra Plazas

1 year ago
Last week I came by to rent my 3rd storage unit at this location. Deniese helped me so much with some options and when I came back to choose Alex was wonderful. Every experience I have here is great. They really have a strong team. It is convenient, great hours for accessibility, clean. I recommend Manhattan Mini storage to anyone needed extra space

Logan Brinkerhoff

1 year ago
Quick, simple, and absolutely smooth. Could not have asked for a better experience

Caroline Bourque

1 year ago
Very easy process, helpful and friendly employees, and clean and nice facility. Highly recommend!

Edwin Graham

1 year ago
Great! Picked up my stuff, took me there; showed me what to do: sign up, pay, keys, directed me to locker and was all done! Thanx

Flavio Flores

11 months ago
They have tv to everyone and chairs to weit and watch the news and everything it's clean

Stefan Berkowitz

11 months ago
It's clean, well lit, and climate controlled. Security is reasonable (e.g. the front desk seems to notice and care when people are walking in and out), which is reassuring. They offer insurance for those who don't have renter's. Carts and moving staircases make hauling stuff in and out easy enough. It has been a very satisfying experience thus far.

Katherine Hsu

1 year ago
Incredibly helpful/friendly staff, great facilities and the entire system is very well thought-out. My reservation was changed without prior notice but MMS was good about honoring the original reservation. Easy to use and the onsite dollies/moving gear were great. There are no step ladders though, so if you have a storage space that is quite high bringing one would be a good idea (and perhaps necessary).

Damian Cardona Onses

10 months ago
great service, just perfect. All you need in a city like New York....and very kind and efficient staff

Joy Glass

10 months ago
Very nice service. Employees very helpful. Feel safe using facilities. Kept very clean.

Alexandra Kindler-Mulitz

9 months ago
Always the best help and service - they go above and beyond to help in every aspect !!! I highly recommend this location - the facilities and the excellent staff make the idea of storage more palatable !

Marc Basilla

8 months ago
This is a pretty big facility about 7 floors and almost has s footprint of the entire block. Weekends are particularly busy. Customer service can vary at times. Ive had wonderful associates and some that made me feel like I was intruding into their socialization time. Overall, a good facility and they offer free pickup when you first open storage.

Paul Deutschmann

7 months ago
Good quality mini-storage. I wouldn't recommend their free pickup service, though. It tends to be more of a hassle then its worth. I've never had parking issues there, though it can be busy.

Dorline Bosboom

6 months ago
Nice facility. Has climate controlled AC so everything stays at a good temperature w/o dirt and too hot or too cold as with places with no AC

james santana

5 months ago
This facility is clean and convenient for people in the midtown area,this is my second unit with Manhattan mini storage the storage floors are large. ivan is a very respectful representative his communication skills are probable for management, I had a unit in 44st and 12 av the facility was decent but the staff were rude the maintenance man was disrespectful old and near retirement age he should just retire the customers are foul and nasty they should take up after this facility, although Manhattan mini storage company is great check it out!


4 months ago
great facility with 24/7 access and fantastic staff especially Cynthia and Vanel, who surely make this place stand out from all other facilities

Nandita Viswanathan

4 months ago
This is really one of the best storage places in NYC, its clean and well lit the staff os very helpful , friendly and helpful. Their free pick up shuttle is very very good. Amazing to have such facilities in the city.

xxx Bangladesh

3 months ago
Great place, and friendly environment, specially Vanel Guillot - excellent with customer service.

Joshua Cintula

3 months ago
Extremely helpful service. I showed up at E62nd and they had the space I was looking for just as a walk in off the street. Only issue I had was that it was a bit out of my price range. So the manager Cynthia Cabassa, offered to see if they had a cheaper option on the west side and they did for $100 less! She reserved it for me and when I arrived on the west side manhattan mini storage Danushka Wijetunge was the associate I dealt with and was extremely informative about the location and made me feel comfortable about where I was leaving my belongings. I highly recommend this place as the employees make everything as easy as can be on the customer!

nelson gee

3 months ago
Great experience. Very helpful staff. Delby Rodriquez was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Bodyfeelgood Studio

2 months ago
The rooms are well sized for the price. They keep the place really clean and they go out if their way to help meet your needs.

Aaron Liberman

2 months ago
Costumer Service Associate was Delby Rodriguez. Very courteous and helpful!

Ninurta Enterprises Corporation

1 month ago
Great place. Great prices and customer service. Very clean facility

Yiwen Zhu

3 weeks ago
Vanel was wonderful. He was very patient.He answered all my questions with a smile. Your company made good choice in hiring him.

Bonnie Kogos

2 weeks ago
The most excellent service and the friendliest of the management, charmed us and made it so easy to work with this company. Especially General Manager Cynthia Cabassa. Respectfully, Bonnie Kogos

James Garrett

1 week ago
Jervon J and Vanel G. Gave great customer service

Juliana Childress

1 week ago
Seamless online reservation. No $ upfront required. They call you to coordinate move in. Very clean space and everyone is super helpful and professional. I forgot my access key one time I needed to get in my unit and Jervon walked me to it and showed me where the ladder was in case I needed it! He was so helpful and friendly. They make storing your personal items easy during the stress of an NYC move! Would highly recommend

Melo Baron House

6 days ago
I had a great experience with Delby Rodriguez after a long trip from Florida he made my storage rental experience run smoothly . He is prime example of a great sales associate, he was very helpful and had a great attitude. He made my experience at the manhattan mini storage. Definitely the type of associate worthy of a raise if you asked me. Although we weren't able to stay in the in the city this time around when we come back we will definitely come back to our number 1 storage pick

Thom Ng

1 year ago
Great service

Rodney Vazquez

1 year ago
Great options and customer service is great

Jennifer Bartoli

1 year ago
I did this online, the woman I spoke t misinformed me and put me on a top tier (I'm 5 ft tall and that top level is high!) Luckily the guys who helped me in person that day found me something lower. I still have to use a ladder (which the woman described as 3 or 4 steps to a landing) but it's not as bad as what I was originally given. The man that helped that day was super nice, accommodating and even reached to put a few items in for me that I brought with me when he was showing me the space.

A Zwolensky

1 year ago
Convenient, clean, secure. What else is there? A little pricey but considering the location not excessive.

David Green

1 year ago
We just moved to Manhattan, so this is our first storage "experience." The facility is great: clean, convenient, with indoor parking to offload your stuff out of the weather. The dollies are in good condition, running smooth and true, which is important when it's piled 5' high and you're pulling it with one hand so you can carry the snowboard in the other. Only two complaints: there is typically only 1 person at the desk, so the wait for initial service can be lengthy; and, while the Storage Taxi is a great service, mine was overbooked and I had to sit outside with my boxes and bins for nearly 2 hours waiting for it.

Sara Pierce

5 months ago
Customer Service by Ian was awesome! He listened and he delivered. His approach was not a typical sales pitch. Together we found a space just right for me and my stuff.

Trevor Slone

4 months ago
Some of the staff are very rude, but it's like that no matter where you go in life. Most clients and staff are friendly, few drinks/druggies, and decent help for those seeking and willing to participate properly.

Roberto Simonsen

1 year ago
Good and easy to use at anytime

Steven Aleshire

1 year ago
Not what it was but can't be too critical the location is great. What happened to the great employees?

Agyepong Boateng

10 months ago
September 11, 2017 1:01pm I don't know what kind of people you got working at this place. This "woman" named Xandria or Khadijah Hanley or whatever her name is gave me an attitude for no reason at all. If there were specific instructions regarding Bill payment, then she could have spoke to me in a calm and professional manner instead of talking to me like we were on the streets. I guarantee that would have not been the case if I was some white bread Upper East Side yuppie and she knows it.

NY OrdersIn

9 months ago
The staff is usually kind and helpful when you go in, but if you leave with an unresolved issue, the never reach out to you, though they say they will call you when for instance a shelf is available or a larger unit opens up. I need the storage for business purposes, and would give five stars if their response to their paying customers was better.

Laurence OfNYC

3 years ago
This location has seen it's best days behind it. 2012 and earlier, this was a great place for hungry money makers. Then, they had homeless problems, street vendors... I left when they scaled back on key card security. Still, it is 24/7, even if the staff is hit or miss, and they lack most of the perks they offered 5 years ago.

cynthia helton

1 year ago
Horrible service, the rent is so high. I had to go to public storage with better service and better prices.

RFSwolf Ent. llc

1 month ago
They need to solve their men's room problem. They effectively made a men's bathroom slower than the women's. That kinda genius on something so simple should really make you wonder about management.

Bella V

9 months ago
Don't be fooled by how "nice" they are to you when you first walk in. They'll turn around and hike your prices real quick. You'll go online and see the same unit for LESS THAN HALF what they're charging you, and the people working there will give you a very NASTY attitude when you confront them. Management should learn a thing or two about "customer retention". You have numerous competitors I can easily take my business to. Reconsider your price hikes and rudeness!
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Diana D.

1 year ago
So this should be short and brief. Like most of the people living in the city....space is definitely a premium. Unfortunately I found myself between two...
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Storage Facility Amenities5 Amenities

  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Business Center
  • Climate Control
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Truck Rental