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      5' x 5' Unit Standard Store seasonal items, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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Manhattan Mini Storage

541 W 29th St, New York, NY, 10001

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Storage Customer Reviews

Brian Meehan

1 year ago
I had a great experience. The gentleman that helped me so nice. Very professional helpful. I highly recommend this place. Organized always smiling.

AJ Wolbrum

1 year ago
the staff were amazing. so upbeat and knowledgeable. i felt so taken care of

Elsie Stark

1 year ago
Manhattan Mini Storage is one of the best storage places I have ever dealt with. Friendly, helpful, well organized and clean. Makes moving items in or out easy.

Jamie Askin

1 year ago
I've had my things stored here for a few years and am always so impressed by how clean the building is and how nice the staff is here. Everyone from the front desk people to the maintenance staff is kind and friendly and cares about their job and they do it well.

Steven Behnke

1 year ago
I was given a great welcome by an attentive and patient employee who explained everything and worked with me till I found the perfect unit.

Daniel Fontoura

1 year ago
In several years as a client the staff always helped with my needs

rifko meier

1 year ago
Tia is the best in service, quick in understanding your needs and clear in explaining.

Alfonso Annunziata

1 year ago
Very nice people and professional...Thankyou

Jay Good

1 year ago
Great location in the customer service is great

Arias Thomas

1 year ago
The Manhattan storage unit on 541 is by far one of the best storage units in the city. The benefits they supply to their customers are amazing. Very nice desk staff, and the place is immaculate when it comes to cleanliness.

Rudy Valenta

11 months ago
Easy to use with 24 hour access. I recommend any New Yorker or business that needs a little extra room to look into getting one here or their other locations. They have a shuttle service to pick up and delivery your stuff too. Book well in advance

Mark Hogan

9 months ago
Very helpful staff. Friendly by any standard.

Antonio Cole

5 months ago
It does the job. Can't knock the place. My stuff is all there and accounted for.

Amber Villar

4 months ago
Affordable & Nice people

Rachele Perticari

4 months ago
I was able to get a free month through a deal they had going on, and the staff was very helpful, especially Rachid who took care of things very professionally. Thank you!!!

George Montanez

2 months ago
Great staff & facilities. Professional & courteous.

Jessica Dugger

2 months ago
What a relief! I can enjoy the comforts of a safe place to store my valuables and a free cup of coffee in the lounge to relax after working so hard. Thanks.

An Co

2 months ago
Just exceptional, the staff was lovely and informative. MINI STORAGE is the best bang for your buck here in nyc. Can't beat the prices, staffs and offers!!

CJ Collier

1 year ago
It's cool and cheap 24 hour access to your stuff

Tomas Jucys

1 year ago
Very nice staff, we'll organized place

Robert Bennett

1 year ago
Nice place to go to

Jonida Regi

4 months ago
New storage facility, different sized spaces available to rent. They usually run offers e.g. first 2 months free

Christopher Leonard

2 months ago
Cheaper than CubeSmart. Nice range of storage space sizes.

Stacey Robinson

1 year ago
I have been using this facility for 10 years (daily in the spring, summer, and fall when I ride my bike to work) and for the most part, the staff is ALWAYS helpful and polite. They do have a high turnover though, so maybe once a year, somebody is having a bad day & there's a problem. Otherwise, office/maintenance staff are exceptional. They def hike the rent. Every year. As much as they want, so best bet is to use short term. If they weren't so cut-throat with the rent hikes, I'd highly recommend this place. Good security, lighting, cleanliness, 24 hour availability, etc. But they have to make money, which means screwing you over, so I can't wholeheartedly recommend...at least not for long-term storage.

viktoria kilburn

1 year ago
The receptionists are usually very well behaved and respectful ,but why is Manhattan mini storage advertising that when scheduling mini shuttle the driver will help load and unload client's stuff when the driver who was supposed to help me to load my stuff,certainly had no desire helping me( had not even bother to ask me if I need any help),instead he was sitting in his warm seat until I load my stuff.

Don Moudji

5 months ago
Recently upgraded, very secure, clean and well laid out.

John Madere

3 years ago
Pricey with a habit of raising your rent above market price once you've been there awhile knowing full well what a pain it would be for you to move somewhere else. Don't be fooled by the many convenient looking parking bays. The city took away their right to keep others from parking in front of them making them useless and creating a serious parking problem for renters loading and unloading. There are often times when you cannot find a cart to put your stuff on - outrageous when you consider they are charging premium prices for storage. Many of the carts are in bad condition. Employees at the front desk are generally unhelpful with bad attitudes.

Kayla trumble

10 months ago
I currently renting here. I have two kids the treaten to kick me out because my daughter who's was 5 at the time thow a minor fit. And climb on some railing out side. I was watching the whole time trying to calm her down and the other time keep grabbing her of the rails.

Nicole Kulovany

8 months ago
Highly don't recommend. It's a sketch part of town and I had to catch an AM flight, had an incredible amount of errands to do and had to pack my stuff. The biggest concern for me was making my flight. I was getting exhausted and sat down and can't remember after that. It had to have been 5-10 minutes, and this girl comes up to me shouting at me. She treated me like a criminal, was so incredibly rude, I found it disconcerting how rude she was claiming I had broke the rules. Then I come back 3 months later and find out I've been evicted? They didn't send me an e-mail. Very dangerous place to keep your stuff and the staff is extremely rude and disrespectful. I understand they have a problem with homelessness in the area, but don't take it out on everyone and treat each individual issue and person with care. I hope they re-staff this location.

lester ricks

3 weeks ago
Management is really sad at this place I can't wait to move.
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Ivan B.

1 year ago
Excellent business, helped me a lot with my move! Paperwork was quick and convenient, plenty of cell choices (larger vs smaller, air-conditioned vs not)....
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Storage Facility Amenities5 Amenities

  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Business Center
  • Climate Control
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Truck Rental