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12430 Bandera Road, Helotes, TX, 78023

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Storage Customer Reviews

Cashmere B

1 year ago
Highly recommend this location. The property is extremely clean and a safe environment to store your important belongings. Chris White & staff are wonderful!! (`'.(`'. Superb Service~Thank you .').')

Ronne Villegas

1 year ago
Professional, swift, and the most painless thing I did in all the re-locating. The manager is really friendly, and goes out of his way to answer all your questions. One of the businesses I'd be glad to support.

Flash Jones

1 year ago
Hey I just got to Storage today March 7th the sky Chris was such an awesome guy I can't believe it how easy was going to Storage out of storage place everyone else was giving me trouble hard time with payment this that and the other discount minutes move quick fast easy I really appreciate the service Storage more I didn't know you exist but now you're my heart forever thank you so much

Bonita Babu

1 year ago
Fantastic price!!

Becky Forrest

2 years ago
Chris was way so nice and easy to work with..I will def refer folks to them! Thanks for the help

Michael Pick

2 years ago
The staff is friendly and answered all my questions. The building is in excellent condition and the storage units are well maintained.

Steven Carpenter

2 years ago
Pleasant over the phone setup. Went in and signed papers and received my unit within 10 to 15 minutes. This is my third time renting at this facility. Good people.

Caleb Davis

10 months ago
Great experience.

Matthew Scott

1 year ago
My girlfriend had gotten a unit here the guys in the office we helpful and price was pretty fair.

Katia Vega

2 years ago
They have been wonderful! I had to rent a storage unit because of the amount of things I have while moving out and Chris was so helpful! He had me in and out of the office in less than an hour (in the RAIN!) and then still showed me my storage unit, even though it was pouring and flooding. Such good service, and I'm so glad it was so easy to rent! I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone! :)

Derek Ellis

10 months ago
This place is great. The staff is very friendly, accommodating, and they do a great job of maintaining the property. The security and cleanliness at this location is awesome and it's a good indicator of how much the staff cares. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to store their personal belongings.

quanah parker

1 year ago
StorageMart staff (Chris and Daniel) were very kind, considerate, helpful and provided exceptional customer service. Their facility was clean, secured, and we were very comfortable with the room provided. We are very pleased with their service and will continue to use this service in the future. We cannot thank them enough for their assistance and great service.

Elizabeth Toth

4 months ago
We have used Storage Mart for years and always we're treated with respect, kindness, and professionalism. Chris and Daniel have provided exceptional service. We cannot recommend this facility and the staff higher. If you're seeking ethical, professional, prompt service with a smile and genuine concern, you will find it here. They are the very best!!!

J Banuelos

3 months ago
Picked this place for the price and location. The place is clean and easily accessible. Storage unit was clean as well, swept it before loading it up and only swept up a small amount of dirt/dust. Office personnel are friendly and helpful, willing to help and answer any questions. Will update review after a view months. I am renting a 30x10 unit.

Julian Waddell

1 month ago
I assisted my son in storing his belongings in a short-notice. Chris was very helpful in assisting with this transition. By viewing the quantity of items to be stored, Chris was immediately able to recommend the size unit we needed. Not only that, he was able to complete all required administration work for us, while we loaded the storage unit. If that wasn't enough, he even brought us cold water to quench our thrist. The experience was pain-free, professional, quick and the price reasonable. I was very impressed and would highly recommend this storage facility to family and friends.

Wayne Thomas

1 month ago
A good safe, secure self storage.

Mary Kopas

2 years ago
Always very helpful and send an email reminder invoice each month for my bill! Great management and kept very clean.

Roland Averitt

6 months ago
Nice people. Units not climate controlled, and price seems high for that... Secure feeling facility.

Sylvia Vargas

9 months ago
Awesome people ready to help!! No major problems been a customer for the past 5 months.

Steve Curtis

1 year ago
Don't get me wrong. With out a doubt the place is always very clean and the guys are very accommodating to anything you need. I also feel what I have stored is very safe I gave them 3 stars because a couple of things are important to me. 1) It seems to me the bathroom is locked more than open. I think they should put some sort of keypad on it like they have on the entry doors. 2) I receive my packages there and UPS comes about the same time everyday 11-1. Numerous times, because no one is there, I have had to chase down the driver or schedule to get my packages at the UPS hub the next day. Other than that it's a great place for storage.

Chance Collins

2 weeks ago
The first visit was fine, and the facility is as advertised. The climate controlled units are clean, the place feels safe, the cypher lock doors are sporadic at best, and there is a bit of a small rodent/scorpion issue. Ive seen rodents around the complex, not in my unit, just scorpions. I would have liked to rate this place higher, but after yesterdays visit, theres just no way. The amount of time and energy to relocate to a new facility is what merits this rating. For the owner: Your quirky manager is only amusing for so long with his sitcom antics, and is best described as fickle when it comes to his rhetoric of policy. In business, sticking to policy and procedures is a REALLY good thing for efficiency and legal purposes. However, it is also important in business to remain flexible with your customers; especially when its in the best interest of the business to do so [more net profit]. I moved from a big house to a small apartment, and my lease is 2 years. You just lost at least 2 years of business. Furthermore, you just lost at least 2 years of business on one of your biggest climate controlled units from a customer that pays early and has never missed a payment. After unit cost, taxes, and insurance I bet it would be close to $200 a month. Lets conservitively round down to $180 since I dont have the exact figures: ~$180 x 24 months = ~$4320. ~$4320 of sure-fire, super easy, never late income is now lost. I was told one thing a couple weeks back, and was told something completely different yesterday. Yesterday I stood in line for 20-30 minutes listening to awkward small talk and snarky banter from the manager with the new customers that were in front of me. Knowing this guy from prior encounters, Id expect no less. However, after he had noticed I had been standing for awhile, he shouted across the counter, Are you here to pay a bill? I said, No, just wanting to transfer to a bigger unit. Currently, I am renting a 10x10 climate controlled unit and was hoping to transfer to an available 10x30 climate controlled. He then replied, Well, are you going to be able to move all of your stuff before we close? Because thats only 3 hours from now. I was immediately annoyed. Just a couple of weeks prior I had asked about moving to a bigger unit, and he said, The best time to do the transfer is right before I close tonight (Saturday), because that gives you all of Sunday to move your stuff since we are closed. Someone can rent your unit, but they wont be able to get the unit till Monday, so that is your best option. So what changed? Why is this no longer an option for me? After he said 3 hours, I was annoyed and replied, Yeah, thats not really possible man. I have a lot of heavy things that I need to move and still need to go grab help. He shrugged his shoulders and said, Well I just shook my head, agreed, and walked out. I mean, he is right, thats the policy I suppose. Im sure its also policy to run a full blown automotive paint shop out of the units, or its probably policy to have a few instrumental bands performing out of the units. Its also policy that the manager takes the dollies for personal use and never returns them. The dolly is never there when needed. Like I said, fickle. I wish things could have worked out better. The location is nice, and the facility isnt bad. However, principle is principle.

Brent Harris

8 months ago
StorageMart in Helotes raised my rent without notice and charges excessive late fees, even to customers of more than 5 years or experiencing job loss or severe medical problems: Deliquent account processing fee $35. Late charge $10 on 4th day of month. Overlock charge $15 on 6th day. $50 lock cutoff fee. All late fees together total more than $100 a month. Other storage facilities in the area try to keep your business, not drive you away.

Michelle McMullan

2 months ago
This place is INFESTED WITH RODENTS!!! We have had our stuff in the climate controlled units for the last 10 months and just came to pick it up and our stuff is covered in urine and feces. Absolutely disgusting!! We are going to have to throw away our mattresses and sanitize all of our belongings. I haven't even opened the boxes yet to see if they were inside. I showed Daniel, one of the managers, the damage, and he tried to blame us and then acted offended that we were upset. He offered no resolution and stated that "it's just nature. Nothing we can do about it." What BS! Ever heard of pest control?!?! I'm extremely upset and will be contacting corporate on Monday. However, if the managers are any indication of this company, I am doubtful that they will be helpful.
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