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Inwood Storage

8235 Antoine Dr, Houston, TX 77088

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Daily9am - 6pm
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1 year ago
rating 5.0
Good Day. I wanted to share my experience with David the front office manager.On Wednesday August the 30th at 3:30pm, I visited your location and due to the Hurricane Aftermath, your facility was experiencing high traffic of renters. As I arrived there were 4 customers ahead of me, and at that very moment David greeted and assured us that he would be with us shortly. David maintained a very professional attitude and composure although his busyness. As I watched David process the customers before us, my wife and I knew right away that we had came to the right place. We were flooded on Sunday and our attitudes were not up to par due to long nights and tons of work we have ahead of us. However, we could not express that as soon as we sat with David, he comforted us with kind words about his apologies for our current situation and assured things were going to be ok. As David was processing our unit, we exchanged historic hurricanes and storms and reflected how bad we have had it and how we have overcame those situations. He was a very positive individual. His attitude was contagious and my wife and I were very pleased with our experience with David. He was very thorough about our unit and gave definition were it was needed. I am very happy to have done business with a facility that employees individuals like David. I work as an operation manager for 14 years and am very aware of the attitude that is needed when processing any consumer needs. I would have rated David 10 stars.

tx badger

1 year ago
rating 5.0
Great service

Davman !

2 years ago
rating 5.0
Great place to store your stuff

Pablo Buitron

11 months ago
rating 5.0
Es una opcin cuando necesitas una mudanza

varian jackson

1 year ago
rating 4.0
Good rep

Douglas Roberson

10 months ago
rating 4.0
Put some furniture in storage with bro-law

Jesus Franco

1 year ago
rating 3.0
Son amplios y baratos

Nora Bauerschlag

3 weeks ago
rating 3.0
Too much
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