Tenant Protection Plan

With our Protection Plan we are finally able to assume limited responsibility for stored goods through SecureLease. SecureLease assumes responsibility for your belongings with much better terms and conditions than a typical homeowners policy or expensive self storage tenant insurance products. 

  • SecureLease® is not insurance therefore has no deductible in the event of loss
  • SecureLease® assumes responsibility for both commercial and personal goods
  • SecureLease® pays full replacement value up to $5,000
  • Every SecureLease® comes with $500 worth of vermin/moth/infestation protection

See terms and conditions of SecureLease for protection plan details.

Terms and Conditions

With our Protection Plan you are covered for:

Fire, smoke damage, lightning, explosion, windstorm, hurricane, tornado, water damage (excluding flood), hail, theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry or exit, riot, strike, civil commotion, malicious damage, vandalism, subsidence, building collapse, sinkhole collapse, falling objects, weight of snow, ice or sleet, impact by vehicles or aircraft. Moth, insect, rodent or vermin damage covered up to US $500 for both Commercial & Household goods for up to $5,000 per tenant.

Please read the actual SecureLeaseAddendum for details: 

The SecureLease® Addendum:

This document is an addendum to and should be read in conjunction with our rental/lease agreement and will only apply where you have requested inclusion of your property in our Tenant Protection Program and we have received the required fee. The full true total value of the goods must be maintained at an adequate level throughout the period of storage? 

NOTICE: This is not an insurance policy and the Owner is not an insurance company. The Owner shall perform the obligations described in this addendum. The Owner assumes this business risk on its own, but it may purchase insurance coverage to transfer part or all of the liability retained under this SecureLease.

Maintaining your Protection Plan

SecureLease® runs concurrent with your lease. The payment is collected with your monthly rent and is considered additional rent that pays for a better quality SecureLease. 

It is important to maintain accurate declared replacement value of your stored property. Should the value change by moving items in and out of your unit or by rotating stock, please stop by the facility office and request to update the stated value of your goods.Your SecureLease® fee will then be adjusted to the new stated value assuring all your property is protected.  Unde-declaring your stated value can result in partial reimbursement for your property. To assure full reimbursement, please accurately declare the stated value of your goods during the term of your storage agreement.

Claims Procedure

All claims holding the facility responsible for a loss or damage to your property must be made directly to the facility. One of the terms and conditions of SecureLease® is that you agree to cooperate with an adjuster to determine the facility's obligation to you so the facility can promptly reimburse you for damage/loss to your property. When the facility elects to have an adjuster work with you, that process normally starts within 24 hours.