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Storage Outlet - Gardena

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Storage Customer Reviews

Darlette Marie

4 months ago
Were so greatful for Storage Outlet! And a special thanks to Kevin for making our experience both pleasant and stress free. Thank you so much more making a difference in our transition! Your dedication and professionalism is greatly appreciated by our family! You're awesome!!!!

Deivi Valdepena

2 years ago
Great service lots of options. Manuel was great help couldn't have done it without him.

kim vaughn

2 years ago
Embassed to say, I have been with Storage Outlet since August 2011 and have never had an issue, The staff is wonderful and very helpful!

Nell Bry

3 years ago
Great customer service. Fast friendly. Yolanda and Lucy are the best. Im satisfied.

Myesha Hill

4 years ago
thank u manny for your help and kindness. u keep the place so nice and clean.i like your storage better then the other one i had i will be telling a friend. and thanks for bring the coffee back. Myesha

Deshawn Harbin

4 years ago
hay manny thanks for your help the other day.it was hard to find a good place for me to put my belonging and u made it easy for me. nice doing business with u deshawn

Jacqueline Davis-Nicholson Jr

4 years ago
Storage Outlet in the past years has had high quality management, I am sorry to say that their management under Manny is not of quality at all!!! Manny likes to squeeze you in to small units to add you to another unit for more money. I believe that when Manny is terminated and Storage Outlet is under new management the quality will be restored, Manny also, loves people to fall behind on their payments and is quick to auction one's prize possessions for much much more than is owed.
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Shimika B.

8 months ago
I always enjoy my time with Gardena storage, I have been with them for years. Even though I move out of a unit, I always go back and have referred many...
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Storage Facility Amenities5 Amenities

  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Se Habla Espanol
  • Drive-up Access
  • Boxes & Supplies

Self-Storage in Gardena, CA

Gardena Self Storage

Self Storage Trends in Gardena, California

Unlike the greater Los Angeles area, the number of storage facilities in Gardena has remained somewhat constant. While there are hundreds of self storage locations in Los Angeles, there are approximately two dozen within Gardena’s city limits. This is both good and bad for you as a storage tenant. The good news is this indicates self storage demand in Gardena is not skyrocketing, and therefore your cost to rent a storage unit is relatively stable. This could prove to be bad news however if developers are just behind the curve, meaning demand might outpace supply, in which case you could see a bump in your rent. If you're the cautious type (or pessimistic) then it’s best to lock in a storage rental agreement asap. Self storage costs are generally variable by month, so consider pre-paying for a six to twelve month period to lock in your monthly rent.

In general, throughout Southern California self storage demand is currently growing faster then supply (although this trend will quickly reverse), so you’ll likely find your best deals in cities like Gardena without heavy demand. If you’re a bargain shopper you may also want to consider South Gate or Bellflower. Renters beware however, when shopping neighboring areas for a storage facility! Be sure to factor in the additional gas costs, wear and tear on your vehicle, and the lost time struggling through congested LA freeways. Time is money! How often do you think you’ll go to your self storage facility? If only infrequently then shopping around for the best storage deal might make sense. On the other hand, if your storage shed is literally your extra closet, you might want to stay close to home.

Rather than traveling to a neighboring city for a better deal, consider going with a smaller storage unit in your own backyard. You’ll save the costs and time of driving farther to a storage facility, without shelling out any extra coin for your storage locker. Do you really need to store your ugly Christmas sweater collection? Ok, ok, those are definitely keepers, but perhaps you can part with the broken lawnmower you’ll never fix or your “skinny” jeans. Hey, if you do shed those ten pounds (you can do it!) the money you saved will cover the cost of a new pair of jeans.

While we’re talking about downsizing units, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention our storage unit size guide videos [LINK TO SIZE GUIDE VIDEOS]. Check them out…they’re awesome! This will help you choose the smallest storage space for your needs. In other words, these videos will save you money. Just be sure to consider your future storage needs as well. It would defeat the purpose of saving money if you end up having to get a second storage space because you outgrow your first! The larger units are your best value, so if you’re going to be a long-term self storage tenant then go big or go home.

Now that we’ve established you’re probably renting a properly sized storage unit in your own backyard, lets talk about your self storage experience in Gardena, California.

Fun Facts About Gardena Self Storage

Gardena self storage has been featured multiple times on the hit TV show Storage Wars. Season One’s episode 8 (Midnight in the Gardena of Good and Evil) was filmed at Storage Outlet Self Storage Gardena. During Season Three’s filming of Storage Wars at the Gardena self storage facility, Barry Weiss got a hankering to take a quick roadtrip. Do you remember the “From Russia with Chucks” episode with the chrome and aqua blue decoliner? Well Barry took off in it, with a few of us Storage Outlet folks, and we figured he was up to his usual (picking up fried chicken), but it turns out he was headed to Sugar Bear.

Not sure who Sugar Bear is or why this is a noteworthy Gardena self storage fun fact? Sugar Bear is the original fabricator of extended front ends. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, you’ll recognize this description – you know those cool looking motorcycles with the really long bar at a 45 degree angle from the handle bars to the front wheel? Well, that’s a Sugar Bear frontend! Sugar Bear’s frontends gained widespread publicity in the 70’s, but Sugar Bear didn’t because the motorcycle magazines wouldn’t put a black man on their cover. Needless to say, the man is a legend today, and for good reason.

Turns out, Barry Weiss is his bud, and we got a tour of Sugar Bear’s really cool shop and got to meet the charming man behind extended frontends. What a gem. And yours truly even hopped on a famous Sugar Bear bike behind Barry Weiss (if only the photo wasn’t blurry!). You never know what’s going to happen when your Gardena storage facility is Storage Outlet….as if that wasn’t reason enough to store with us!

Gardena self storage was supposed to be featured on Storage Wars yet again, but a fire at the storage facility derailed these plans. The Storage Outlet crew hussled to help their storage tenants and cleaned everything up so that the auction (and filming) could proceed as scheduled. Unfortunately, it turns out the Storage Wars production crew wasn’t as on top of things. They hadn’t applied for their filming permit, and due to the law enforcement presence caused by the fire, they got caught and the filming was cancelled. You can’t read those tidbits on TMZ!

Gardena, CA Military Storage

Are you in the U.S. Military? Thank you for your service! Storage Outlet appreciates your hard work and sacrifice, and we offer discounts to servicemen and women as a small token of our thanks. You’ll have all the same storage needs as our typical tenant, but there are a few aspects of self storage that are unique to our military tenants. For instance, if you’re deploying, are you maintaining your Los Angeles housing while deployed? Do you have a friend or family member that might store your belongings for you while you’re deployed? How long will you be gone? When you return, how long will you be at home before you’re deployed again? All of these questions affect whether you need self storage in Gardena or the greater Los Angeles area.

Are you at the Los Angeles Air Force base in El Segundo? That’s less than 5 miles away from our Gardena storage facility. However, bear in mind that could mean a 15 minute commute. Unless we offer the best LA storage deal (or you have a romantic interest you visit in Gardena), you may want to consider something even closer to your base. As rad as Storage Outlet is, there are a lot of great options for self storage in Los Angeles. Check out storagefront.com to find options within a mile or two of your base.

When looking for a storage facility in LA, be sure to consider location, affordability, convenience (like the storage facility’s gate and office hours), security, and amenities. We realize however that the decision often revolves around price. Everyone wants cheap self storage. Be sure to take advantage of military self storage discounts (to get this particular self storage deal you may need to show your military ID). It’s always a good idea to shop for the best unit at the right price. Be sure to compare apples to apples – get the size of the unit, consider varying degrees of cleanliness and security, and factor in location and convenience. Beyond comparing storage unit prices, consider pre-paying for a deeper discount at the self storage facility you select.

A final consideration is worth noting. Do you have any fellow servicemen or women that might want to share a storage unit? The price per square foot decreases the bigger your storage unit gets, so you could go in with a buddy or two on a bigger unit in order to save some dough. Carefully select your self storage companions however. Choosing a self storage comrade is almost as important as selecting your spouse. Well not really, but now that we have your attention, consider the following: do you trust them with access to your personal belongings? If they were ever in a financial bind could they be tempted to have sticky fingers? Are they careless? You don’t want them stacking their tires on your grandma’s china set! Nor do you want them mixing their self storage contents with yours, it would be impossible to find anything in your storage unit! Will they be careful to properly lock the storage unit and not misplace the storage locker keys? You get the picture. Choose your self storage partner carefully. On the positive side, if you do choose to share a storage space in Gardena, you’ll save money and have the most affordable self storage deal in town!

Gardena, CA University Storage

Transitioning to college is monumental. Moving from the dorms to your first apartment is a kind of a big deal. You’re on your own for the first time. You’re enjoying and terrified by your independence all at the same time. Add to this the overwhelming sprawl of Los Angeles and it can be a bit much to navigate on your own. You do your own cleaning and laundry! You manage to get someone out for internet and cable, struggle through setting up Apple TV and wireless backups, and dominate your first encounter with fabric softener and Bounce sheets (if you don’t know what I’m talking about then call your mom stat). Now you have to deal with getting a storage unit for the first time?! You might feel like throwing in the towel, but don’t sell all your stuff on Craigslist just yet, Storage Outlet is here to help.

Here’s some tips to help you navigate LA self storage as a budding college student.

#1 Look for Gardena Self Storage Deals

We know, every penny counts. Plus you’d rather spend your money on lattes or pool parties than a self storage unit. We get it. So here’s some tips to find the right deal. Shop for self storage discounts on the Expedia of self storage, Storage Front. Once you find the best online deals, call the facilities directly to try to negotiate a better deal over the phone. If you know friends that also need storage, see if the storage facility pays a referral fee if you hook them up with more customers. Also ask if there are self storage student discounts!

#2 Choose Local Self Storage

As we’ve established, funds are scarce in college. And depending on whose bombing who in the Middle East, gas prices may also be high when you need to rent a storage unit. So pick a storage facility near you to save gas money (and precious party time, um, I mean study time). Your storage facility location is especially important if you are carless! It’s one thing to ask a friend to drive you from UCLA to Santa Monica, but they might not be down to haul you to Gardena self storage unless you’re treating them to a steak dinner. Actually, we were joking but that’s a pretty fab idea. If you save $15 a month by storing in Gardena (rather than Westwood), you’ll save $180 a year by storing in Gardena. That more than pays for your steak dinner. Just tell them they’ll be drinking a Shirley temple not a $12 Fireball and ginger beer. If you’re not following, then don’t major in math.

#3 Pack Your Storage Unit Like Your Parents

Hopefully you have pleasant family members of summer camping trips. Remember how dad packed the back of the SUV like the most anal German engineer ever? Ya, pack like that. And remember how mom wrapped up Grandma’s china set in bubble wrap. Ya, pack like that even if you find it tedious. The point of self storage is to protect your precious keepsakes (and not so precious everyday items) so they are intact, safe, and secure. Storing a broken lava lamp is a waste of money. So pack with care (bubble wrap fragile pieces). Place items in your storage unit with a modicum of intelligence (don’t put your weights on top of lightweight boxes). If friends are helping you move into your storage unit, then watch them like a hawk. It’s just a sad fact of life that when you ask people to help you lug heavy stuff they get kind of sloppy with it. Protect your stuff and make your parents proud!

We’ve only skimmed the surface on self storage tips, so if you’re nerdy by nature then peruse the rest of our site for the download on self storage in Los Angeles.

Gardena RV and Boat Storage

Southern California is all about living the good life. Let’s be honest, we really know how to have a good time and we’ve got the weather for it. Regardless of where you are in SoCal, chances are you’re within an hour of the beach and the mountains. So whether you’re RVing along the California coast or waterskiing on your boat in Lake Arrowhead, you’re going to need RV and boat storage when you’re not out playing.

Think About Where to Store Your RV or Boat

You’re likely assuming you’ll choose a self storage facility near your home base to store your RV or boat. Humor us and think outside the box for a minute. Do you always go to Lake Arrowhead with your boat? Consider storing your boat near Lake Arrowhead! This may sound overly obvious now that we’ve said it, but the fact is that most people just automatically look for a storage facility near their home. If you really want to be a savvy self storage tenant, then look for self storage deals. For instance, boat storage in Bellflower [LINK TO STORAGE OUTLET BELLFLOWER] is going to be cheaper than Lake Arrowhead, so store in Bellflower if it’s on route from your home to the lake. There are nearly 50,000 storage facilities in the US, so the options are endless. Find the location that makes the most sense for you (and your beloved boat or RV).

When choosing a RV storage facility, also consider amenities. Does the location have a power washer? Covered RV parking? 24 hour security cameras? A resident-manager to keep a watchful eye on your aluminum baby? The same holds true when choosing a location for boat self storage. Is there free ice to load up your coolers (try not to hog it all!)? Is there room to maneuver on both sides of your boat to clean it and wipe it down? What’s the clearance for covered boat parking? If your boat is a piece of junk, is there uncovered parking at a discounted boat storage rate? As you can see, there are so many things to consider, so just call your Gardena self storage facility and our friendly Storage Outlet manager will talk you through all the considerations. If they don’t immediately become Chatty Cathy about storage in Gardena, then tell them you’re getting nerdy about self storage and you want to know all their insider storage tips! Get geeky with it to save yourself money and protect your toys!

Gardena RV Storage Considerations

In order to find the optimal RV self storage facility, walk yourself through your typical RV trip. Do you wake up at 4am, drive to the RV storage facility, park your car there, and hit the road immediately with the pedal to the metal for the next 12 hours? If you’re this A-type RV user, then be sure you have 24-hour gate access to the storage facility (or at least the ability for extended gate access hours). See what the lighting situation is when its dark – you want to make sure that you are safe and secure at your storage facility. Is there a gas station nearby so you can be as efficient as possible? On the other hand, if you’re the fly by the seat of your pants RV owner, then your focus might be more on the local dining options. Is there a Target, Home Depot, and WalMart close by so you can grab all the things you forgot? Are there awesome storage managers to help you with your gate code when you forget it every single time? Be honest about your quirks and your RV storage needs.

Gardena Boat Storage Considerations

The same considerations hold true for boat storage. What does your typical boat outing look like? Are you deep-sea fishing in the ocean? You’ll need a way to wash your boat unless you can take care of this at your marina. You know that ocean water corrodes like mad! Are you going to tinker with the props or engine at your boat storage facility? Then make sure you have ample room to maneuver and hopefully a friendly manager to hook you up with a cold glass of water. If your kiddos will be waiting while you work, is there a safe and clean storage facility office for them to chill in? Boat owners are no different than RV owners – we know you want safe and affordable boat storage. Inquire about the storage facility security measures and any history of vandalism. If you want to be on the safe side, consider a boat cover. Generally speaking, robbery and vandalism are crimes of opportunity, so don’t make it easy on the thugs! Lastly, whether you’re storing a boat or RV, find out if your insurance covers your toys while they are at a storage facility. If not, then look into a tenant protection plan to protect your belongings. As with any legal agreement, be sure to read the fine print and inquire about the details – you want to know what’s covered while your boat or RV is in storage, and more importantly, what isn’t covered!