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Security Public Storage

6310 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA, 95824

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  • MON - SAT9am - 6pm
  • SUN10am - 4pm
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  • Daily6am - 10pm

Storage Customer Reviews

9164208727 061584

1 year ago
Great Customer service, I really love that they have everything in the same place. Plus thwy include insurance in the cost with the rental for convenience.

Danielle Queen

1 year ago
Rented a storage unit at the Franklin Blvd location. The staff was friendly and the facility was very clean. I highly recommend.

Sashae Brown

1 year ago
storage space is roomy, staff is friendly; rates are reasonable for short term storage

Myesha Lawson

1 year ago
I must say this place is amazing!!! Prices are good and the customer service is awesome!! I recommend this place..

Ernest Montez

1 year ago
Been renting with them for a year, very clean facility with extended access hours which works the most for me, from 6am-10pm. Very easy to access and easy to find next to smart and final.

sandra Singer

3 years ago
I have had my life stored for the past 3 years at this facility, due to family and lifestyle changes. Chris and his wife are the friendliest most helpful people you could ever hope to meet. They have helped me when money is short, they notify me before they have to add more charges, to give me a chance to get my payment to them. The facility is well lit and stays open late for those of us that can't get it together during daytime. I consider Chris and his wife the best managers. Can't beat this facility if you have to leave your treasures(or life) they are safe. Sandra Singer

Lisa Adams

1 year ago
The service is great they have always been friendly and helpful. Great place to store!!

Kurt Golchert

2 years ago
I tell you, everyone I have met at this storage facility has been great. The are polite and helpful. I am very pleased to use this facility for my storage needs.

Matthew Truscott

1 year ago
Quick friendly service, simple no hassle sign up.

samantha johnson

2 years ago
I've rented from Security Public Storage for 8 months and my experience has been awesome, I would recommend anyone looking for a nice storage to rent there.

kevin hickman

1 year ago
Me and my girl friend have been here at security public storage a little over 1 1/2 the employees are very friendly and always willing to help you as much as possible under difficult circumstances and i would highly recommend this storage facility to anyone looking to store there items.

Lauren Johnson

1 year ago
Cintina could not have been more wonderful! Such a clean facility!!!

Nisha King

1 year ago
Been a long time customer, very clean, Tom and Cintia are very respectful. I love this place and wouldn't choose to go anywhere!

Sherrie Firestone

1 year ago
Current tenant and I love that they are helpful and very understanding. The on-site management is amazing as well. They make me so happy that even when I thought there was water damage, they were just and concerned as myself. No damage but they are so invested in their customers.

Foxxy Stephens

1 year ago
My vist was very pleasant and customer service was excellent. My demand was argent and they had the percect size for my move

virginia martinez

1 year ago
Nice, clean place, safe to the point that I can go alone at any time. I've been renting for three months so far, and are great with Communication. Highly recommended.

judith faustin

2 years ago
Loved renting with Cintia she was so pleasant and I felt like I could be here with her all day. She is so awesome at keeping everything clean and organized. I highly recommend her and her storage facility!

Constance Cook

1 year ago
I love this storage facility. Excellent, understanding, answers direct questions and very welcoming to make sure that even if you are a misfit they will help you as long as you communicate. Cintia is amazing

Tashawna White

1 year ago
I have enjoyed my experience with Security Public Storage because they offer great deals and the staff is always friendly and available. I recommend this place for your storage needs. Thanks Security public storage!

Sanjeevani Madurapperuma

1 year ago
I have being so satisfied with this security public storage in Stockton blvd and the people here are extremely nice and very helpful and this time it was the on site manager Cintia and she aS so nice. Please go there if you are looking for storage. I definitely recommend.

Zahavah Nauma

2 years ago
Great location found storage space to be just what I needed. Facility is clean and they offer fair pricing. Brenda


1 year ago
This place is so helpful, and the rates r good. I will come back to them in the future.

Tiff P

1 year ago
The manager is amazing so understanding and does her best to keep everything running smoothly. Keeps you updated with everything and helps in anyway possible. Love the emails. Customer service is outstanding!

Onisha Primes

1 year ago
Long time tenant love that they are so welcoming and are very helpful when you need to save money

Gaby Arauco

2 years ago
The location is convenient, staff is kind and helpful. Units are clean and spacious. Keep up the good work!

Sandy Truong

1 year ago
This storage place is great it works with you and it makes sure your stuff is safe it's cheap and the people there are nice I recommend this storage to a lot of people.

Yovanny Hernandez

1 year ago
Esta bien todo

Thunder Bishop

1 year ago
The workers are very nice and the facility is always clean

Michael Vaziri

2 years ago
This place has the best employees. Cintia was the best!! She stayed late just to help me out make a payment. She was kind and courteous.

olivia garcia

2 years ago
I never had to rent a storage place before . I was not to sure on how to get one . the staff has been really great , the facility is very clean . I am very impressed and very happy.

Lee Dost

1 year ago
I have been very happy with the service here. The manager is very kind and helpful, and SPS seems really supportive of the local community as a whole. I was searching for a unit from out of town and chose to sign up with SPS after calling around because I received the warmest service over the phone. I highly recommend Security Public Storage on Stockton.

Potranca Rejega

1 year ago
I like the services this company offers they are great at Security. Very flexible..

Juan Calmo

1 year ago
2 years with Security Public Storage and their facility is clean, safe, and secure. They are awesome and will help with anything they can.

ruben farcas

1 year ago
Great place, nice customer service, and really good storage hours for your convenience. Awesome!!!

Marty Olivas

1 year ago
The service has been great..but u guys r getting way to high on ur prices...

Judy Espinoza

1 year ago
It's been a great experience! It's safe and customer service is excellent !

diva rodriguez

1 year ago
Love this place. This is the second time I have had to use them, but couldn't ask for more. The staff is very friendly and helpful. i would recommend them to everyone

Lannette Castaneda

1 year ago
My experience here has been great. The staff is friendly and attentive to your needs and very punctual, especially the manager. She stays on top of things and is extremely friendly. The facility is always clean and secure. Keep in mind it is located in a rougher part of sacramento so coming alone might not be the best idea. I've been here a few times alone (not the wisest choice on my part) but there are a few transients that store their stuff here but they do keep to themselves as I've witnessed. It's very quiet also

Allen Mckimmey

1 year ago
Sonya was great helping me looking over my account and helping me save $15 off my rent for the month!

Deborah Cherry

1 year ago
I am so pleased with the quality of service. The management to the storage unit. The grounds are always clean.

Mark Graziano

10 months ago
Excellent storage facility, great location and fantastic customer service.

Stephanie Uribe

9 months ago
I've been with them for a while now and they are great ! Definitely recommend!!

Michaelene Ayon-Gaskell

9 months ago
Well managed facility. Clean and secured. Never had a problem and I've been using this faciliy for a couple of years. I highly recommend Security Public Storage.

Shirley Sugiyama

9 months ago
Excellent customer service!! My unit was clean and met my needs perfectly.

Anita Rahel

8 months ago
The place is clean and the hou 3rd are very convenient for us ,we can go and do whenever we want,the staff are very helpful and comfortable to deal with .

Shelia Fraizer

7 months ago
From the first day i came into the storage unit they were very friendly and helpful.

dwayne johnson

7 months ago
Great experience Marie is the most terrific person to work with very helpful.

Tameka Williams

7 months ago
This place is awesome. They are close to where I moved from they had everything I needed lock n tape. It was there. The customer service was super awesome. That left me secure to know that my stuff would be safe. To the on site manager your awesome.

kevin hickman

6 months ago
Me and my girl friend have been here at security public storage a little over 1 1/2 the facility is very clean and the employees are very friendly and always willing to help as much as possible I have never had any problems at this location and i would highly recommend this storage facility to any.

Colette Lopes

5 months ago
I have enjoyed my experience with security public storage on Stockton. Marie has been helpful and she looks at my storage to see when its due and that I have to have it in at a certain time. So far my storage is paid in on time if you have any questions Maries more than welcome to answer them for you.

Mz Amanda

5 months ago
Marie was fabulous and went out of her way to help and assist. She is an excellent representative for the company. She obviously knows about the company and takes pride in her job. Thanks Marie!!!

Magail Hayden

5 months ago
Helpful staff I've been there almost 3 years

molia yang

4 months ago
Excellent staff members, with great sense of humor. Its the cleanest storage facility I've seen. I would highly recommend this place if you're in the south sac area, it has very easy access right of the street.

Anna Gutierrez

3 months ago
Love this place.very Professional and Helpful..always keeps there place safe and clean. Thank you.

Jeremy Quinliven

3 months ago
Security Public Storage Stockton Blvd #2 is very well kept very secure and the lady in the office is very friendly, she is also happy to answer any questions.

Nu Hassen

2 months ago
This place is great for the price. Budget friendly, professional, and secure.

Justin Cox

1 month ago
The Stockton Blvd Security Public Storage has been so wonderful to deal with. The management was very helpful and easy to work with when finding a rental space to fit my needs. Id recommend this location to anyone!

Luc Duong

1 month ago
One of the most reliable storage places in Sacramento! Great price and great stafff. I'd recommend it to anyone!

Allie Saechao

1 year ago
Ive been renting this location for almost 2 years. Staff there are usually really friendly and helpful.

virginia martinez

8 months ago
Love the the Stockton Blvd location its always clean and the staff is helpful, I feel my items are very safe and secure.

Albert Shaver

5 months ago
Little pricey but good service and friendly

Cintia Rodriguez

1 year ago
Went to visit my storage unit and my lock had been cut. I had to call in to be notified and to get a new lock replacement. They didn't realize that the unit was rented apparently even with a Lease on file, and pre-paid. I asked why I wasn't notified and they said the regional was supposed to, she failed to communicate with me as a tenant. They breached my units security and made me feel extremely uncomfortable about continuing with them as a company.
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Juan F.

4 years ago
Don't let the area this storage facility is in fool you. It's well kept and clean. My family and I have been using this place like our 2nd garage for years....

Sanjeevani M.

1 year ago
I was very very impressed of this storage space. Convenient hours and people working there is very nice and helpful. I recommend this place for anyone 100%.

Kdj Alberto F.

1 year ago
Easy to get my unit and really easy to find location. Unit very clean and great customer service. Best deal in town

Megan M.

1 year ago
This is a great facility, very helpful. They are always offering great customer service and will help you with anything they possibly can. I love this...

Magail H.

1 year ago
I've used storages before but I've never had one with such a team as Security Public Storage they are very pleasant, helpful and kind it's like family there

Vanessa L.

1 year ago
I been having this storage for years, and I get to love it more and more. The managers are so nice and helpful. This is the best place to get a storage...

Rosanna H.

1 year ago
The manager is so friendly and welcoming. The remember all the tenants. It was great to hear from them when my husband for got secure one of are locks....

Monique P.

1 year ago
Very friendly, polite and professional. They care about your situation and do not try to take advantage of you. I'd recommend the facility

Brian S.

1 year ago
Went to this location today and Marie was very helpful. Location was very clean and far better than the other storage complexes I have been to.

Anthony S.

11 months ago
I just signed up for a storage unit at 6310 Stockton Blvd you know how you just hate the hassell of getting a storage unit well let Cintia Rodriguez at...

Lisa A.

10 months ago
ttheir always very helpful. nice clean site. ive been with them for 3 years and am very happy with their service

Elias W.

9 months ago
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Kevin H.

8 months ago
Ive been with security public storage for almost 3yrs, the staff are very friendly and respectful every time ive called in concerned about my bill they...

Amanda L.

8 months ago
Marie was fabulous and went out of her way to help and assist. She is an excellent representative for the company. She obviously knows about the company and...

Rose J.

6 months ago
The customer service excellent. The lady was very informative. The place was clean I would recommend my family and friends,!!!!!!

Dina M.

5 months ago
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Stephanie U.

3 months ago
They are so friendly and I would highly recommend people to go to them !

Cassandra R.

3 weeks ago
Amazing service! Great rates, exceptional customer service, Marie is a rockstar and took care of everything, she really made this already rough time so much...

Ingrid S.

5 years ago
A nice clean facility!! The staff are always nice like "Hanna"!! The staff does change very frequently!!! That is a drag,,,having to reexplain everything to...

Shaquana J.

2 years ago
Nice facility and they have a real secure storage system. Wish prices were a little cheaper, but overall good business.

diva r.

10 months ago
I love this place, its clean, employees are very helpfull. This is the only storage in sacramento that i will use.

Christopher L.

10 months ago
It's a great place to store many of your personal items furniture clothes or work material. The prices are very reasonable and have good deals. I strongly...

Connie M.

5 months ago
This Security Public storage location has great professional and friendly management on site, with a great security system as well as affordable month to...

Huey L.

2 weeks ago
Every clean. staff are great.. only reason why didnt get 5 star is cause security is not good... everytime I go in I see people wondering around that...

K. W.

1 year ago
I'm a new tenant at Security Public Storage. It's very quiet, clean and well managed. I'm glad I choose this location.

Cintia A.

1 year ago
Went to visit my storage unit and my lock was not there, it had been cut. I had to call in to be updated on the circumstances. They then advised me a new...
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